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The TodayCare Children's Centers Leadership Team has worked with many organizations to transition their worksite child care centers to our management.  Each organization had unique challenges and goals with their centers.  The following synopsis of one situation describes how we met and exceeded their goals and expectations.


The Social Security Administration (SSA) Child Development Center, Birmingham AL


The SSA Birmingham Child Development Center, Inc. was incorporated as a non-profit entity in 2007 to provide child care services for the children of employees of the Birmingham Social Security Administration Center Building. In 2008 the Child Development Center opened for business, offering a high-quality program for children in a state-of-the-art facility.


The SSA Child Development Center is mandated by SSA and GSA regulations to meet NAEYC accreditation standards for high quality programs.  These standards, along with SSA and GSA requirements, proved difficult for some child care companies to maintain, and the SSA Birmingham Child Development Center Board had previously worked with two management companies with unsatisfactory results. After several years of low enrollment and parent satisfaction, along with high staff turnover, the Board of Directors made a decision in 2016 to seek a new management partner. Through an RFP process, child care organizations with proven expertise in child care management were invited to submit a proposal to manage the Child Development Center.


After a thorough analysis and review of the leading child care companies in the United States, the Board chose TodayCare Children’s Centers to be their partner to manage the center.  This decision was based on TodayCare’s reputation and on a strong plan to boost enrollment and parent involvement while reducing staff turnover. 


We are proud of our success thus far. Center enrollment has tripled since we’ve assumed management, and parent satisfaction is high. This has been done through improving the quality of the program, extensive management training, and involving staff in decision making. 


“The Birmingham Child Development Center is proud of TodayCare’s many accomplishments in making early childhood education a top priority.  As our vendor, they are providing affordable, high-quality child care and ensuring for the safety and well-being of the children for our employee and community families.”

-Michelle Brown, SSA Child Development Center Board President

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