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TodayCare offers a full array of services to you as your child care partner. Our senior management team brings over 150 years collective experience in working with employers as they consider a child care benefit, or need assistance in designing and building an on-site or near-site child care center, or wish to transition the management of their existing child care center.  After working with more than 100 employers across the U.S., we know the business of employer sponsored child care.


We are big enough to handle the complete project from beginning to end, and yet small enough to personalize each detail to meet your culture.  You will not be handed off to a junior partner. Our senior management team will be “hands on” with your project all through each phase.

Team Meeting


We will meet with you at no cost  (a one-time courtesy meeting) to help you understand and evaluate your child care options.  We can provide cost estimates and next steps for you in the decision making process. Additional consulting services include:

Computer with Graph

    * Market Analysis

We will survey the existing child care centers in your market area and analyze child care costs, quality, and availability.


    * Needs Assessment

We use a variety of tools—including employee surveys, focus groups, and management interviews— to help you pinpoint and prioritize your child care needs.


    * Feasibility Study

We will review all options to determine the most feasible location for your child care center—from land and construction costs to space considerations. We will make recommendations for a child care program size and specific features that will meet the work/family needs of your employees.


Center Design and Development:

We will serve as your child care consultant throughout the design, development and architectural planning phase. We can participate with you in the selection process for an architect and construction firm.  We will make recommendations on your behalf to each party involved to make sure your needs are represented, and that the facility is designed to meet the needs of children and families in a cost efficient manner.

Best Friends

Center Transition:

If you have an existing child care center for your employees, and are considering a new provider for your center management, please allow us to propose our management services.  We can meet with you to discuss our qualifications and capabilities, or respond to an RFP with a formal management proposal.  If we are chosen as your new child care management partner, we have a transition team of experienced professionals ready to work with you. We’ll share our detailed communication plan designed to make a seamless and trouble free transition for staff, employee families, and most of all, the children.

Meeting Room

Center Management:

We realize that no two companies are alike, and none have the same needs when it comes to child care for their employees.  TodayCare’s operations team will partner with you to design and manage your child care center so that it meets your business goals and your employee child care needs.


We understand that some employers (and their employees) enjoy involving themselves in the center activities, policies and practices. Others wish to have a “hands off” relationship. We will design and customize our approach to managing your center to reflect your culture.


We are committed to delivering a high quality educational program to your employee families and their children in our care. We have an exemplary record of compliance in meeting licensing and regulatory requirements, as well as an outstanding track record for program safety.


All child care centers under our management operate at NAEYC Accreditation standards, which is the most widely recognized benchmark for quality programs in the child care industry.  We believe we are the only child care company that can make that claim.


Our management agreement can be a straightforward management fee approach, or a P&L model.  Since we are a relatively small company, and do not have some of the corporate overhead costs of our competitors, you will be pleased with the fees and costs for our management versus most of the other companies offering to manage your child care center.


We have successful long–term partnerships with all our sponsoring organizations.  We have never lost a management contract to another child care provider.

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